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views on the way to kjerag
Europe Norway

My Crazy Hike to Kjeragbolten

My hands were shaking uncontrollably, but it wasn’t from the fear. I knew that below me was an almost 1km drop down to the bottom of the fjord. But the swirling mists hid the valley floor from view. Turns out it’s…


6 Essential Destinations on the North Indian Spiritual Trail

India is a land of diversely divine worlds. Sikh priests sing all night from their golden sanctuary in Amritsar. Tibetan nuns spin a Buddhist prayer wheel next to the Dalai Lama’s house in Dharamsala. A cross-country trip will lead you…

cameron highlands in malaysia
Asia Malaysia

7 Serious Reasons Why You Should Visit Malaysia

Fancy a glamorous shopping spree in a super-modern mall? Malaysia. Can’t decide between Indian and Chinese for dinner, but want your food to be cooked with authenticity and flair? Malaysia. Want a bit of snorkelling along a coral reef,…

ARoamerTherapy travel blogger in Austen
Travel Therapy

6 Tips for Keeping Healthy While Travelling

Staying healthy while you’re travelling is always important, but never easy. Trust me, as someone travelling with Crohn’s disease, I know. There’s so much to tempt you: Scandinavian pastries, the Spanish drinking culture, British scones, Asian crepes, American… everything.…

cheong fatt tze mansion penang
Asia Malaysia

Discover the Penang Peranakans in George Town

Opulent mansions, elaborate clothing, succulent dishes, and a culture wholly unique to Penang. If you don’t experience the Peranakan culture in George Town, you haven’t totally experienced Penang. Who are the Penang Peranakans? The Peranakans are Straits-born, Chinese descendants who…

traveller kate mackay
Travel Therapy

How to Travel by Kate Mackay

Ever wondered why Aussies travel large chunks of the world for long periods of time? Have you never looked at a map? We’re seriously far from everything. Sure we’ve got New Zealand (hey friends!). But for those in Sydney and…

byron bay

6 Reasons Why Byron Bay Deserves its Popularity

Byron Bay. Bay of Byron. Australia’s easternmost town. Clothing optional. Shoes unfashionable, if people here really gave a damn about fashion (which they don’t). The mode du jour: hippy, free-loving, rainbow tie-dye hemp drapings. A tropical town of balconied…

Travel Therapy

The ugly truth: 10 ways to look like a REAL traveller

If Instagram and other travel blogs are anything to go by, female travellers are always sporting the latest fashions, perfect tans and effortlessly elegant hair dos. If they’re to be believed, you can look model-esque even as you’re sweating in…

white night melbourne

How to Survive White Night Melbourne

At seven in the evening, the bells begin to jingle. St Paul’s leads the charge, but dozens of extra installations chime in. They herald the start of White Night Melbourne, a dusk-till-dawn feat of neon artistry. The epicentre of…