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views on the way to kjerag
Europe Norway

My Crazy Hike to Kjeragbolten

My hands were shaking uncontrollably, but it wasn’t from the fear. I knew that below me was an almost 1km drop down to the bottom of the fjord. But the swirling mists hid the valley floor from view. Turns out it’s…

Asia Cambodia

The ghosts of Bokor Hill Station

In a gutted royal villa of mildewed walls, a wild gust welcomes cold spray into the shelter through long-glassless windows. Our guide, Dara, is ill-prepared for the weather in rain-soaked shirt and shorts. He shivers, hunched over, his hands…

captain on dotthawady river
Asia Myanmar

Hsipaw: Discovering the real Myanmar

He was dressed in impeccably pleated suit pants and wore creased but polished black shoes. His face was as worn as his shoes, lines branching off at the corners of his eyes. His ears stuck out behind pokey greying…

inle lake in myanmar
Asia Myanmar

Everything to expect from a typical Inle Lake tour

At eight in the morning, a scruffy-haired kid resembling a street urchin in black Adidas tracksuit pants and a ripped maroon top escorted us to Nyaungshwe’s main canal, Nan Chaung. We were about to embark on our first Inle…

Colombia South America

Medellín and the Pablo Escobar tour

Medellín’s story is linked inextricably with Colombia’s past few decades and has played a huge role towards the country’s reputation and international stigma. Medellín is Colombia’s second largest city, snaking its way through the Aburra Valley in the northern Andes. Its…

laguna 69
Peru South America

Laguna 69, Huaraz

Huaraz is a bustling city sandwiched between two thick cordillera slices, making it the perfect starting-point to climb one of the many 6,000-plus metre peaks in the vicinity. Unfortunately, or perhaps luckily for me, I was barely trained for…

colca canyon
Peru South America

How to conquer Colca Canyon

The only sound is the shuffling of feet on gravel and the occasional dry-retching of a fellow hiker ahead of or behind me. It had already been an hour of climbing, but it felt interminable. The sun was only…

death road
Bolivia South America

Ruta del Muerte: Defying Death Road

As I watched as our bus ascend out of town up to 4,700 metres, I started to have misgivings. I’d already heard stories of people breaking limbs on this bicycle ride, and even saw the ugly injury of one…

amazon basin
Bolivia South America

Animal-spotting in the Amazon Basin

The starting point for the Amazon basin in Bolivia is in a rather nondescript, almost Asian-like town of mosquitoes and motorbikes called Rurrenabaque. I know what you’re thinking when I say Amazon. You’re picturing trekking through dense jungle foliage…

salt lakes
Bolivia South America

The salt lakes of the Bolivian altiplano

Boulders, canyons, snow-capped mountains, flamingos, geysers, vicuñas, multicoloured lagoons, llamas, and the world’s largest salt flats. In a matter of four days in Bolivia, you can see it all: the Wild West, frost-bitten plains, a moonscape, and a crystal…

Bolivia South America

The devilish mines of Cerro Rico

A traveller to Potosi could not understand the Potosiño mentality without braving a mine tour. This city was literally built upon the mining industry and the exploited and bare Cerro Rico (Rich Hill) towering above the city is a constant reminder…