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walk in warburton

Warburton: The Victorian High Country

Warburton is a small town 76 km east of Melbourne set in a valley between beautiful eucalypt-clad hills. It’s a favourite weekend or day trip for Melbourne city slickers, and for good reason… The Perfect Day Trip from Melbourne Today, Warburton flourishes…

views on the way to kjerag
Europe Norway

My Crazy Hike to Kjeragbolten

My hands were shaking uncontrollably, but it wasn’t from the fear. I knew that below me was an almost 1km drop down to the bottom of the fjord. But the swirling mists hid the valley floor from view. Turns out it’s…

sign to pha thok cave
Asia Laos

In Knee Deep: A solo hike to Tham Pha Thok caves

The river had looked harmless. But the water was already up to my knees and with every step I risked plunging into the stream. My toes poked around for a stable foothold. The current was so fast it seemed…

view of Half Dome from Upper Yosemite Falls hike
North America USA

Yosemite: A veritable eden

“It was like lying in a great solemn cathedral, far vaster and more butiful than any built by the hand of man.” – President Teddy Roosevelt. The cliffs close in on you, as if you’re going down a bright…

Canada North America

Vancouver: Swinging high at Capilano

There was a minor traffic jam on Capilano Suspension Bridge. Children wobbled across, clinging to their parents or brazenly running ahead. An old woman gripped onto steel cables as she edged, foot by foot, across the planks. Couples paused…

corn in Sapa
Asia Vietnam

Sapa: Hiking with the Hmong

Tung had buck teeth and a smile that played about her eyes. She wore huge hoop earrings and indigo embroidered clothes that marked her out as a member of one of Vietnam’s highland minority groups, the Black Hmong. It’s hard to…

great barrier reef

What’s so great about the Great Barrier Reef?

The boat was pitching from side to side and up and down. Waves burst over the bow to smash against the windows. Inside the cabin on the bottom level, passengers heaved into brown paper bags so thin and ineffective…

northern territory

Kakadu: Why you end up walking like a ruffled emu

In the Northern Territory, Aborigines have their traditional dances. Hands behind their back, they mimic the animals around them. They pound their feet on the ground. They thrust their chests forward, stick out their bottoms and revere the wildlife…

beach at perhentian islands
Asia Malaysia

Cast away on the Perhentian Islands

The rocks became more jagged, larger, and more tightly fitting until they were one obstinate cliff front. I had several options: Turn back. Swim. Or start rock climbing. I couldn’t turn back. I’d come too far, and I had…

phong nha khe bang
Travel Insights Vietnam

Phong Nha Khe Bang & the art of trusting

Karst hills rose spectacularly around us as our boat put-putted upriver. We passed grazing buffalo, playful, naked children, a church spire shrouded by dense foliage, and boxy pastel houses lining the river. Several tourist boats raced by, their hulls…

captain on dotthawady river
Asia Myanmar

Hsipaw: Discovering the real Myanmar

He was dressed in impeccably pleated suit pants and wore creased but polished black shoes. His face was as worn as his shoes, lines branching off at the corners of his eyes. His ears stuck out behind pokey greying…

Asia Myanmar

A DIY hike in Kalaw

Kalaw is a small hilly town only a few hours’ (awesome!) drive from Nyaungshwe near Inle Lake. The town is centred around a market of rusty tin sheds and the glittering gold and silver stupa of Aung Chan Tha Zedi. Whilst…