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isla del sol
Bolivia Destinations Latin America

Lake Titicaca: Isla del Sol

When I arrived at Isla del Sol, I wasn’t quite prepared for the 206 steps up an ancient Incan staircase – scaling 200 metres in all – to reach the island’s southern village, Yumani. With a heavy backpack, 200+…

amazon basin
Bolivia Destinations Latin America

Animal-spotting in the Amazon Basin

The starting point for the Amazon basin in Bolivia is in a rather nondescript, almost Asian-like town of mosquitoes and motorbikes called Rurrenabaque. I know what you’re thinking when I say Amazon. You’re picturing trekking through dense jungle foliage…

Bolivia Destinations Latin America

The devilish mines of Cerro Rico

A traveller to Potosi could not understand the Potosiño mentality without braving a mine tour. This city was literally built upon the mining industry and the exploited and bare Cerro Rico (Rich Hill) towering above the city is a constant reminder…

samaipata fort
Bolivia Destinations Latin America

Santa Cruz vs Samaipata

Few things contrast more starkly than the chaotic, sweltering city of Santa Cruz and the tranquil rural village of Samaipata. Santa Cruz If it weren’t for the cars, the streets of Santa Cruz would seem strangely quiet. On my first day…