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death road
Bolivia South America

Ruta del Muerte: Defying Death Road

As I watched as our bus ascend out of town up to 4,700 metres, I started to have misgivings. I’d already heard stories of people breaking limbs on this bicycle ride, and even saw the ugly injury of one…

amazon basin
Bolivia South America

Animal-spotting in the Amazon Basin

The starting point for the Amazon basin in Bolivia is in a rather nondescript, almost Asian-like town of mosquitoes and motorbikes called Rurrenabaque. I know what you’re thinking when I say Amazon. You’re picturing trekking through dense jungle foliage…

la paz
Bolivia South America

Witch markets and electric stars in La Paz

By day, La Paz is a bustling, pollution-clogged, horn-tooting city. It’s set upon some of the most mountainous landscapes in the world, meaning that its suburbia actually towers above the centre. At night, it is a different city altogether.…

salt lakes
Bolivia South America

The salt lakes of the Bolivian altiplano

Boulders, canyons, snow-capped mountains, flamingos, geysers, vicuñas, multicoloured lagoons, llamas, and the world’s largest salt flats. In a matter of four days in Bolivia, you can see it all: the Wild West, frost-bitten plains, a moonscape, and a crystal…

Bolivia South America

The devilish mines of Cerro Rico

A traveller to Potosi could not understand the Potosiño mentality without braving a mine tour. This city was literally built upon the mining industry and the exploited and bare Cerro Rico (Rich Hill) towering above the city is a constant reminder…

Bolivia South America

Sucre and Potosi: A tale of two cities

Sucre and Potosi aren’t all that far from each other (comparatively) in Bolivia, yet few backpackers seem to pay homage to both towns in their itineraries. It’s a shame really, because Potosi is often the most overlooked of the…

samaipata fort
Bolivia South America

Santa Cruz vs Samaipata

Few things contrast more starkly than the chaotic, sweltering city of Santa Cruz and the tranquil rural village of Samaipata. Santa Cruz If it weren’t for the cars, the streets of Santa Cruz would seem strangely quiet. On my first day…

iguazu falls
Argentina South America

The magnificence of Iguazu Falls

The town of Puerto Iguazu is situated on a little finger of Argentina, sandwiched between Paraguay and Brazil. But it is nothing like other towns of Argentina. It is not classy, European, or even shallowly wealthy. This town does…

lake nahual huapi
Argentina South America

A rainy day in Bariloche

Today it’s raining. People normally associate rain on travels as an unfortunate thing. But not here in Bariloche. This Argentinian mountain town near the border of Chile is a touristy town, popular among Argentinian families. Its popularity is understandable, set as…

la boca argentina
Argentina South America

Same same but different in Buenos Aires

My first impressions of Buenos Aires (which in English means Good Breeze) were that of a rough and tumble city similar to many belonging to developing countries, with concrete buildings and chaotic traffic. From the taxi ride into the…