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Colombia South America

Taganga and Tayrona: Colombia’s Caribbean

Taganga is some four and a half hours drive from Cartagena but it feels like a world away. The drive there reveals tiny little shantytowns by the seaside. They represented fishing villages, only their waterways are so clogged with rubbish that the…

Colombia South America

Swept away in Cartagena

It’s a tropically warm day and the strong sun beats down and turns the sand to coals but it is still unable to eliminate the moisture from the air. The humidity explains why the flowers and deep green leaves,…

Colombia South America

Medellín and the Pablo Escobar tour

Medellín’s story is linked inextricably with Colombia’s past few decades and has played a huge role towards the country’s reputation and international stigma. Medellín is Colombia’s second largest city, snaking its way through the Aburra Valley in the northern Andes. Its…

Colombia South America

Popayán and me: A story of food

Popayán is a dangerous city. But it’s not dangerous in the way you normally associate Colombian cities with danger. It is a UNESCO City of Gastronomy, and this means a hell of a lot of requisite food tasting. Every…