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iguazu falls
Argentina South America

The magnificence of Iguazu Falls

The town of Puerto Iguazu is situated on a little finger of Argentina, sandwiched between Paraguay and Brazil. But it is nothing like other towns of Argentina. It is not classy, European, or even shallowly wealthy. This town does…

lake nahual huapi
Argentina South America

A rainy day in Bariloche

Today it’s raining. People normally associate rain on travels as an unfortunate thing. But not here in Bariloche. This Argentinian mountain town near the border of Chile is a touristy town, popular among Argentinian families. Its popularity is understandable, set as…

la boca argentina
Argentina South America

Same same but different in Buenos Aires

My first impressions of Buenos Aires (which in English means Good Breeze) were that of a rough and tumble city similar to many belonging to developing countries, with concrete buildings and chaotic traffic. From the taxi ride into the…