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Oodnadatta track in south Australia

10 of the Best Adventures in Australia

From the Great Barrier Reef to the Great Ocean Road, Olivia Bourke from Great Lost lists some of her favourite adventures in Australia. Some of the wildest spots to visit in Australia offer adventure because of the proximity to…

walk in warburton

Warburton: The Victorian High Country

Warburton is a small town 76 km east of Melbourne set in a valley between beautiful eucalypt-clad hills. It’s a favourite weekend or day trip for Melbourne city slickers, and for good reason… The Perfect Day Trip from Melbourne Today, Warburton flourishes…

byron bay

6 Reasons Why Byron Bay Deserves its Popularity

Byron Bay. Bay of Byron. Australia’s easternmost town. Clothing optional. Shoes unfashionable, if people here really gave a damn about fashion (which they don’t). The mode du jour: hippy, free-loving, rainbow tie-dye hemp drapings. A tropical town of balconied…

white night melbourne

How to Survive White Night Melbourne

At seven in the evening, the bells begin to jingle. St Paul’s leads the charge, but dozens of extra installations chime in. They herald the start of White Night Melbourne, a dusk-till-dawn feat of neon artistry. The epicentre of…

great barrier reef

What’s so great about the Great Barrier Reef?

The boat was pitching from side to side and up and down. Waves burst over the bow to smash against the windows. Inside the cabin on the bottom level, passengers heaved into brown paper bags so thin and ineffective…


The top 5 unbelievably awesome bookshops in Melbourne

As my sister and I entered the dim interior of the six-storey art nouveau Curtin House, the bustle of Melbourne’s busiest thoroughfare behind us was instantly muffed. We mounted the stairs, our eyes flitting from one to another of…

northern territory

Kakadu: Why you end up walking like a ruffled emu

In the Northern Territory, Aborigines have their traditional dances. Hands behind their back, they mimic the animals around them. They pound their feet on the ground. They thrust their chests forward, stick out their bottoms and revere the wildlife…


AFL: The greatest game in the world (by a Melburnian)

Wherever I’ve travelled, the question inevitably arises about Australia’s national sport. As a Melburnian, I can’t answer for the nation, but my response will always be in favour of the Australian Football League (AFL). It’s hardly surprising that few have heard of…


Reluctant praise for Brisbane

Despite my scathing description of the Gold Coast in my last blog, I myself partook in some of its renowned debauchery, which has taken me a full week of recovery. Let’s blame it on the curse of the writer that…


Not-so-ideallic Surfer’s Paradise, Queensland

I have for you all today a perhaps not-so-shocking revelation. Surfer’s Paradise on the Gold Coast, one of those little havens we all dream about on miserably grey days in our home cities, is unashamedly unglamorous. We tout this…

wwoofing in Australia

Where the hell is Rock Valley?

The little forgotten and unimportant blot on the planet called Rock Valley is about an hour and a half inland from Byron Bay. As a tourist, there’s very little reason to go here. Unless, of course, you’re the typical…