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cameron highlands in malaysia
Asia Malaysia

7 Serious Reasons Why You Should Visit Malaysia

Fancy a glamorous shopping spree in a super-modern mall? Malaysia. Can’t decide between Indian and Chinese for dinner, but want your food to be cooked with authenticity and flair? Malaysia. Want a bit of snorkelling along a coral reef,…

cheong fatt tze mansion penang
Asia Malaysia

Discover the Penang Peranakans in George Town

Opulent mansions, elaborate clothing, succulent dishes, and a culture wholly unique to Penang. If you don’t experience the Peranakan culture in George Town, you haven’t totally experienced Penang. Who are the Penang Peranakans? The Peranakans are Straits-born, Chinese descendants who…

beach at perhentian islands
Asia Malaysia

Cast away on the Perhentian Islands

The rocks became more jagged, larger, and more tightly fitting until they were one obstinate cliff front. I had several options: Turn back. Swim. Or start rock climbing. I couldn’t turn back. I’d come too far, and I had…