10 of the Best Adventures in Australia

From the Great Barrier Reef to the Great Ocean Road, Olivia Bourke from Great Lost lists some of her favourite adventures in Australia.

Some of the wildest spots to visit in Australia offer adventure because of the proximity to wildlife and nature. You’ll find yourself on the edge of a waterfall, in the mouth of the Bass Strait, or on the top of Australia. Experience some of the most amazing places Australia has on offer.

1. Great Barrier Reef, QLD

great barrier reef

Whiz around the Great Barrier Reef and explore one of the world’s oldest and most fragile underwater ecosystems.

Go snorkelling, participate in ocean conservation activities, or inspect it all from the safety and comfort of a glass bottom boat … Marvel at the stunning coral, beautiful fish and crystal clear waters.

2. Waterfalls Way, NSW

Take the stretch of road between Armidale and Coffs Harbour and enjoy five stunning drop waterfalls along the way.

Exploring these areas is one of the best adventures in Australia with great jumping, climbing, and swimming locations.

Looking for an adrenaline rush? Hike the epic Casuarina Falls Circuit, which takes you along the ridgeline of the Dorrigo plateau.

3. Royal National Park, NSW

Royal national parkSource

Explore the stunning Royal National Park, littered with amazing beaches.

This two-day coastline walk will have you marvelling at the stunning Wedding Cake rock, and the picturesque Figure Eight Pools.

Camp under the stars at North Era Campground, which is located on the beach, and is one of the only beachside camping locations on the South Coast.

4. Great Ocean Road, VIC

Great ocean roadSource

Venture down the Great Ocean Road, one of Australia’s most well-known coastal drives.

Take the Treetop Adventure and zip through the rainforest sky. Wander down to the beach, or get photos of the Twelve Apostles.

Exploring the southern Victorian roads is a great way to get your taste for adventure, but if you’re looking for more float out to Flinders Island for more thrills.

5. Horizontal Falls, WA

Known as one of the greatest wonders of the natural world, Horizontal Falls in Western Australia is an adventure like no other.

Zoom over the water in a jet boat, or opt to fly with daily helicopter tours leaving from Broome.

If you finish exploring the Horizontal Falls and want more, why not go swimming with whale sharks? WA is one of the only places in Australia where you can swim with these magnificent beasts.

6. Cape Tribulation, QLD

Located in the Daintree Rainforest, Cape Tribulation is a phenomenal intersection between the two World Heritage Listed sites, as it backs onto the Great Barrier Reef.

Jump on a four wheel drive safari, go horseriding, or learn to dive with some of the most skilled underwater instructors in the world.

7. Overland, TAS

Overland track in tasmaniaSource

If you are an adventure junkie and love untouched views, the Overland Tasmania trek is for you.

This six-day 65 km walk will have you venturing to the heart of Cradle Mountain, and experiencing the Tasmanian wilderness that is both nationally and internationally acclaimed.

8. Oodnadatta Track, SA

Oodnadatta track in south AustraliaSource

This track is best served in a four-wheel drive, but can be driven in other vehicles. Take care to check road signs before entering!

Drop into Uluru, one the most important cultural heritage locations in Australia, or head to Dalhousie Springs, an oasis within the desert; finally stop in at the famous Marree Hotel for a beer and a spot of lunch.

9. Wetlands on the Mary River, NT

Jump on a safari for this one and you won’t be disappointed. Reach the peak of adventure with an Airboat trip, and glide over the Mary River Wetlands with the speed and grace only a bird could grasp.

See the Northern Territory’s largest predator, the saltwater crocodile.

10. Snowy Mountains, NSW

Climb to Australia’s tallest peak and camp the night out, for one of the best views of your life.

Check the national park guidelines before you set off, as following requirements regarding tent colour and rubbish collection are essential to avoid park fines.

The high country campsite is a short stroll from the peak, yet park closures mean that you will have the ranges pretty much to yourself after 5pm.

Being perched on the top of Australia is nothing short of incredible, so pack your camera to avoid missing any moments worth capturing!

For more Aussie adventures, why not consider heading to the world’s largest sand island or hiking in Kakadu?.

Olivia Bourke: Young traveller, writing about each adventure in the hope others will leave their comfort zone, and explore this beautiful planet we live on! Based in Sydney, exploring her own backyard every chance she gets. Check out Olivia on

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